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About this Site

This site has been established as the Official location for information on Bruce W. Halstead and the World Life Research Institute (WLRI). This site is still under construction and is meant to be the repository of information that will document his life and times.

It is our goal to allow people interested in Dr. Halstead to learn about his research work the many publications he authored. For his friends, supporters, and colleges, this site is meant allow you the appropriate contact information for you to support his legacy and the future of World Life in what ever manner you are able to contribute. That list would include photos, stories, documents, memories, testimonials, any corrections, input, or criticism's, and even any funding, is all solicited and appreciated.

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World Life Research Institute - Current Status

Currently, there is no funding available to support this project or the World Life Research Institute which is the embodiment of his life long work. The physical facilities for World Life is still located in Grand Terrace, California where he relocated it in 1961 after it was initially established in nearby Reche Canyon, a rural part of Colton, CA.

The Institute looks much like it did when Doctor Halstead passed away in 2002. It is suffering from neglect due to lack of funding for much needed repairs and improvements. The Institute does not own the property it sits on and the future of WLRI is uncertain at this time.

The Board of Directors is exploring all possibilities including purchasing the property and moving forward with a preservation and expansion effort at that historical location. However, the board is remaining open to all possibilities which would include relocating WLRI to a site closer to the ocean. Ideally, it would be great to retain the historical and museum value of the 45 year location AND locate a new headquarters for WLRI next to the ocean and include a marine station. But no decision can be made until funding for this vital effort can be obtained.

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Bruce W. Halstead - Early Research Years

Botanical Research
The first half of his career was primarily focused on his search for new drugs from the sea and from the jungles of the Amazon. As a Bio-toxicologist, Ethno Botanist, Herbologist, and Botanical Medicine Researcher, Dr. Halstead led expeditions into the jungles of the Amazon and other regions throughout South America. He would make contact with witch doctors, sorcerers, and other indigenous tribal 'medicine men' and learn the secrets of how they used natural products to treat and cure a wide range of illness, infections, and diseases.

He would then collect samples for further research at World Life and often in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute. The movie "Medicine Man" with Sean Connery was loosely based on this aspect of his life. His early research on Siberian Ginseng gave way to a close research relationship with Russian Scientist, Professor Brekham, considered the father of the highly acclaimed herbal product. Dr. Halstead was the first person to introduce Siberian Ginseng to the United States and later wrote a book on the subject.
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Ocean Research - Drugs from the Sea
As a Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Ichthyologist, and avid scuba diver, Dr. Halstead led countless expeditions into the South Pacific and other oceans of the world to collect marine specimens. Samples of poisonous and venomous marine animals were collected for the purpose of conducting research into possible use as medicines primarily focused on potential cancer cures. It was during this earlier portion of his life that he spent 22 years writing his monumental three volume work entitled: Poisonous and Venomous Marine Animals. This definitive work on the subject was the largest publication ever undertaken by the US Government Printing Office and established him as the world's leading authority on the subject. Later in his life he utilized this background and experience toward his research into AIDS and Imune Enhancement.
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Bruce W. Halstead - The Later Research

During the latter portion of his life, Dr. Halstead became focused as a leading pioneer and authority on Alternative Medicine. He used to say that Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Natural Medicine, Wholistic (holistic) Medicine, and Alternative Medicine were all different labels for the same thing. In the early 70's he was introduced to Chelation Therapy and submerged himself into study and research on the subject. In 1979, his book entitled, The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy, was published by Golden Quill Publishers and established him as the world's expert on the subject. It also launched his reputation as a pioneer in alternative health modalities including: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, DMSO, Gerovital, Laetrile, Siberian Ginseng, Coral Calcium, Immune Enhancement, Metabolic Cancer Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and AIDS Support Therapy.
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World Life Research Institute
a 501c3 nonprofit organization

While he got his start in these areas of research as the Co-founder and Research Director of the School of Tropical and Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University, it was his own World Life Research Institute that became the embodiment of his life long work. The vast holdings of WLRI include all of his research, the myriads of artifacts collected around the world, and a unique one of a kind reference center. The extensive reference holdings include rare books, documents, research studies, photos, slides, and film that are as diverse in the subject matter as was his numerous fields of studies and expertise.
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Bruce W. Halstead - Research and Writings

All of Doctor Halstead's research and writings are contained at World Life Research Institute, including some yet unpublished work. Many of his books are in need of updating in order to remain relative in the future of health modality development. His massive comprehensive work on Chinese Herbal Medicine has yet to be published because of lack of funding. Some of his work was funded through outside companies and organizations and need to be revised and published under the umbrella of World LIfe Research Institute. The technical resources are available on these projects but funding is needed to keep these publications alive and current.

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Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this site, the desire of Dr. Halstead's family, and the goal of the Board of Directors for WLRI to are focused on both the preservation and continuation of the life work of Bruce W. Halstead. The Purpose and Goals of this site is a three fold approach and is identified as follows:

1. Preserve the legacy of Bruce W. Halstead by documenting his life and times and establishing a museum dedicated to his life long work in pioneering health modalities and research into cancer and AIDS.

2. Continue his work and goals through the World LIfe Research Institute by obtaining funding for the Institute for that vital work he established and promoted in his non-profit organization.

3. Expand and refocus his work on the environment through addressing the issues of global warming, ocean pollution, and alternative energy sources like solar and wind power.

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For more information on how you can help preserve Dr. Halstead's legacy, support World Life Research Institute, and/or make a tax deductible contribution, please contact:


Larry D. Halstead
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Anonymous said...

Interesting posts you have here ... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.
from ginseng photos.

Senologist said...

Bruce was a friend of mine and my late Father. We worked with him for many years on EDTA chelation and DMSO research. I very much miss his insight and wit. One of his quotes I remember is: "when you see the mainstream of Medicine catching-up with us, you know it is time to push ahead all the harder". I will check-back with this website for developments. Best Regards, Phil Hoekstra, PhD said...

I have been retired for 10 yrs and didn't realize he had passed away. He used my photo in at least one of his books. Would like to know more of him. His son Charles (?) will remember my ex vividly.
He was a great speaker at dive meetings.

Heather Horner said...

I was Dr.Halstead's last student we were working on the Amazon project when he passed away Everything Changed that day! I asked him one day at what age did he know he wanted to do this kind of work he said 9 years old, he also told me a few moments later I'm going to teach you everything I know. I did not think that was possible BUT HE DID! THANK YOU DR.HALSTEAD FOR EVERYTHING.
Miss You Dearly